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I can help you!

You should hear what clients are saying . . .

Susan, listening to you made my heart and mind full and excited! You put all the pieces together. You’ve pushed our educators and we are excited to dive in and embrace new ways of thinking and knowing.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan dives deep into academic and pragmatic discourse with educators about how to let student work drive pedagogy. Susan works with educators to connect ever-evolving theory into practice with the ultimate goal of improved student success.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan advocates for the rights of children to have authentic, engaging and high quality learning experiences. Her knowledge of current educational philosophies and the Reggio Emilia approach to education are made visible in her deeply reflective dialogue, blog posts and through her online sessions.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan has played an instrumental role in my growth as an educator. She’s supported me in my pedagogical reflections and provided opportunities for ongoing conversation about learning, and ways of doing and thinking.

She’s committed to working collaboratively with me as a research partner, dedicated to moving children’s thinking forward, supporting individual children in finding strategies and learning practices that support individual needs.

Susan’s collaborative leadership style and deep educational knowledge allows her to find solutions to the most complex educational challenges. She is extremely skilled at connecting with those around her, inspiring them to try new strategies and to reflect on their instructional practice.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan is deeply committed to learning. Educators can often feel isolated as they interact with students daily in their classrooms. Susan is committed to removing the isolation that naturally exists and provide educators with a safe, exhilarating space to collaborate and innovate with their peers.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan has ignited change among us, has empowered our community of learners, and continues to support our efforts to have a deeper understanding of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Susan’s educational research has given her a depth of experience in the classroom, a beautiful language that she communicates and translates effectively!

She understands adult educators on different levels, respects their current practice, beliefs, culture, and celebrates their everyday discoveries.

It is not often that you encounter a kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable educator that is filled with tremendous love and respect towards children, families and educators. It is evident that her expertise in all areas of early childhood education including, play, inquiry-based learning, making children’s learning visible, has made her an exemplary knowledgeable leader in Early Childhood Education.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

Susan shares such a deep understanding of the pedagogy of learning. Her ability to spark new thinking through dialogue, and support reflective thinking is amazing. She will enliven a passion and joy for learning within your own professional journey in education.


You should see what clients are saying . . .

I was absolutely blown away at her approach and how supportive and engaging she was with both students and parents. She has created is an inviting, calming and creative setting.


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