13 Things To Know About Nurtured Inspirations

We Nurture Inspiration

We believe that nurturing each of the elements of a human being matters to the world. Taking time to nurture inspiration in life, learning, and education is critical in guiding people to connect with harmony, balance, happiness, love, passion, and creativity! We help people to nurture themselves and others through the human elements of language, culture, intellect, emotion, social, physical, spiritual, moral, and natural/aesthetic ways of being.

 We Inspire Brilliance

Inspiration is empowering. It arrives often unexpected and ignites greatness from within. Through our engagements and relationships with people, materials, spaces, and places, inspiration in human beings thrive. When you shine from the inside, you sparkle brilliance on the outside.

 We Believe In Humanity

Human connectedness sparks curiosity, wonder, and ideas. By sharing stories, journeys, and insights, we grow together as human beings and inspire in ourselves and others the drive and desire to think, learn, and grow.

 A Spark Changes Everything

We create emotional and intellectual sparks that ignite passion for more learning. These sparks foster conditions for success among ourselves, our children, our families, and our communities. We love what these connections do to the brain, heart, and spirit of humanity.

We Invest As Much In You As We Do In Ourselves

We believe that through others we become our most authentic, inspired, and best versions of ourselves. As parents, homeschoolers, child and youth workers, early childhood educators, educational assistants, teachers, and educational leaders, we are all educators! Rich in potential, capable, competent, and full of life, love and passion for learning, enriching our minds impacts our work with children

We Make The World A Better Place

We are a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that matters to children, to families, and our communities. By wondering, asking questions, and being open-to-learning and new perspectives, we provoke curiosity, new thinking, and innovation in the world.

Were On This Earth To Change The World: We Believe In Giving Back

Being the difference we’re meant to be means impacting change, inspiring curiosity, and igniting brilliance around the globe. We award scholarships to people in need. We use our educational platform to inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation as it relates to children around the world. We unite children, parents, and educators from around the world through our curiosity collective, and we donate a portion of our revenue to non–profit organizations that serve the holistic development of children.

“ When we love, we always strive to become better than we are.

When we strive to become better than we are,

everything around us becomes better too. ”

– Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist

Meaning And Purpose Drive Hope

We create sparks that ignite a dream for the future, a unity among learners, and a sense of meaning, purpose, and hope for humanity.  

Relationships Matter

Together, our dialogue creates the foundations for greatness and the opportunity to enhance the learning journey of ourselves, our children, their families, and the world! 

We Create Content

With more than 32 years in education, we love sharing our experiences. We believe that through others we become our most authentic, creatively inspired, and best versions of ourselves. We create content designed with you in mind. Our e-resources are designed to support parents and educators by providing insights, strategies, training, tips, and tools to help you empower children and you!.

We Don’t Do Mediocre

Our commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to the continued research and study of children in the early years. With extensive parent and teacher e-resources, e-training and e-mentorship, we bring to you a level of outstanding that will empower you and the children in your life, learning, and education.

We Have A Kindness Policy

Because kindness matters and the way we treat others impacts the quality of life for every person on this Earth, we have created a positive, supportive, and empathetic community. Negative attitude, derogatory comments, or anything racist, sexist, ageist, or anything similar is not welcome. Positivity breeds happiness. Happiness breeds kindness. Kindness breeds peace. Be the difference you’re meant to be! Join us as we nurture kindness in the world.

We’re Not For Everyone

We are inspirational. We seek inspiration. We thrive on inspiration. We come alive in positive, collaborative, and connected relationships shared between children, parents, and educators. We love to connect globally with those who share our never-ending passion for empowering life, learning, and education. We believe in the endless potential of children, parents, families, and educators. We invest as much in others as we do in ourselves. If we’re not for you, no problem! We understand. No hurt feelings and we wish you well!

 You’re Not Alone ~ A Message from Our Founder

I see you and I hear you. I can relate to you! As the Founder of Nurtured Inspirations and the creator of our e-book library designed for parents and educators, I’m sharing with you over 32 years of educational expertise.

Starting my career as an educational volunteer, and working toward becoming an educational assistant, I extended that learning with two undergraduate degrees, several specialist qualifications, and course work toward a Master of Education degree. Having had the opportunity to work as a teacher serving children and families in three boards of education, serving as research lead-teacher studying student thinking and learning with the Ontario Ministry of Education Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, and studying early years learning in Reggio Emilia, Italy, I’m here to continue the learning and dialogue alongside you!

It’s not easy to know how best to support children’s holistic growth and well-being. How do we create responsive environments that guide, nurture, and inspire children? It can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming to know whether our encounters with children are rich enough, open-ended enough, or thought-provoking enough to foster the development of our youngest of learners.

We might wonder, how do we honour and celebrate the cultural, historical, and linguistic diversity that exists among the children, their families, and our community? Where do we go to find rich resources, inspiring ideas, and sparks for dialogue and reflection? It’s expensive to seek out professional development, cover the costs of travel in order to participate, and often inconvenient to pick up and leave our families behind while we pursue our desire for continued learning and pedagogical connections. How do we keep up with our own desire for learning, the ever-changing landscape of early childhood education while being cognizant of the cost it takes to do so?



Meet Susan

Nurtured Inspirations is the newest inspirational collective in education. Our website is created for educators and parents who build relationships, guide, nurture, inspire, and learn alongside children. It is through a common philosophy that we embrace and honour children as competent, capable, and full of possibilities and seek ways to empower children to connect meaningfully to their most authentic and purposeful selves.

Founded by Susan Wright, a seasoned teacher with more than 32 years in education, this company was built from her heart as a way to support, inspire, and empower children, parents, and educators. Susan believes that through our encounters with children we create something bigger than ourselves. As a way to support parents and educators, Nurtured Inspirations was created to provide unique ways to enhance children’s development and holistic well-being. We’ve created many unique, practical, and easy-to-use resources that parents and educators can use in day-to-day interactions with children both at home, and in traditional and non-traditional school learning environments.

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We look forward to connecting for a shared learning journey with you!

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