Everyday, we cross paths with people who inspire us. Standing among these souls, can make us feel as if we’re in the company of shining stars ~ truly! Each one of these inspirations brings a unique sparkle to our world, and in many cases, without even realizing the impact they have on us. They shine because that is what stars do and that is what stars are: bright, sparkly, and full of life!

I have been blessed by many open hearts, minds, and plenty of shiny stars. My husband, my parents, siblings, family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and students whom have each impacted my life in their own special way, sharing tremendous wisdom, understanding, and insight. For that, I am fortunate.  

Generosity abounds and more often than not, people have welcomed me to walk with them on a shared pathway. For this, I am forever grateful. It is while walking on these pathways, I have observed, listened, shared, and reflected with those who teach, lead, challenge, reflect, and inspire. Without a doubt, these moments have enriched my thinking, my heart, my well-being, and my life. 

As you journey along your own pathways, it is my hope that you are blessed with shining stars. For these are the inspirations that light our way, energize our world, offer a positive source of light to humanity, and breathe life into this Earth.

Just as you have been inspired by others, remember that you are a source of inspiration, hope, guidance, and leadership. Look carefully within yourself, your gifts are there to be shared. Your heart, soul, mind, and spirit are needed in this world. Just think, you may be inspiring without even knowing your impact. Simply by sharing the best parts of you, your inspiration fills our world.

For all of the shining stars that sparkle brightly, my gratitude goes out to each of you ~ you know exactly who you are! Your impact and value are priceless. Your gifts make a difference to me and to the world around us.