Child and mother sharing a moment together as they talk about nature around them.
Building meaningful relationships with children
creates connections and memories to last a lifetime.

Mirroring the World

Our world is calling out to us in such a fragile state. More and more, human beings seem to mirror the Earth’s needs for care, empathy, love, and respect. Everyday, we find ourselves face-to-face with somewhat of a new reality emerging right before our eyes.

How we nurture ourselves, and the children in our care, matters more than ever. 

Slowing Things Down

Are we taking time to slow down, to listen to one another, to love, care, and be kind to those around us? 

Or are we rushing through the day with thoughts of schedules, deadlines, and self-imposed pressures filling our minds? 

When was the last time you stopped long enough to look into the eyes of your children to listen to their full stories? Did you ask questions to uncover the feelings and ideas that they hold deep inside their hearts? Did you listen to gain insight into who they are as human beings? Were you able to remain present, avoiding the plethora of distractions all around you? Perhaps this was a struggle. If so, we need to pause and consider something very important. 

We Need to Ask Ourselves . . .

What then of conversation, relationship, and connectedness? If we fail to nurture among children the art of slow living, the art of listening, the art of a social encounter, and the art of a shared relationship, what becomes of our lives? What becomes of humanity?

Isn’t it true that in the moments of shared encounters with children, we find threads that weave us together as we nurture a love for social, emotional, and connected living? Are these not the opportune moments we have that allow us to welcome children to a way of being that fosters relationships among one another as empathetic and caring human beings?

We Believe in Relationships

At Nurtured Inspirations, we believe that how we nurture our relationships with children truly does matter—more so than many other extraneous and distracting things. 

We believe that, for the sake of our children, out of respect for their authentic ways of being, and their innate need for holistic wellness, we must find time to build connections socially, emotionally, morally, spiritually, and intellectually. Time is of the essence. It is something we can never get back.

In honour of the future of children, of ourselves, and the health and wellness of our world, we must (re)consider and reflect upon our daily encounters with one another. Our intentions, interactions, relationships, and the time we choose to give to one another truly does make an impression. It truly does make a difference.

The Time is Now

There’s no better time than now to consider the importance of the nature of nurture. To recognize the long-term impact that being fully present with children has on who we are as a society–as a human race–is critical. We can make a tremendous difference not only in the moment but so too in the future when we give our time, our attention, and our hearts to children each and every day. 

In the Spirit of Nurture,


This series is designed for educators and parents looking to gain insight into the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Examine some of the rich history, philosophy, principles, practices, and projects that have emerged from this world renowned approach to learning. Discover how the Reggio Emilia approach is so much more than burlap and baskets. Explore how this philosophical approach to life, learning, and education is ‘a way of being’ built upon relationships, and the metaphorical understanding of the Hundred Languages of Children. Designed for those who guide and nurture children at home, in traditional and non-traditional school environments, and in early child care settings.

Our sessions are led by an educational leader who has traveled and studied intensively in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy through the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre and Reggio Children. Currently planning another trip to Reggio Emilia to continue her studies and further her understandings, Susan Wright, Founder of Nurtured Inspirations, embraces a Reggio Emilia inspired way of being in life, learning, and education. As a practicing Kindergarten Specialist with over 32 years in the field of education as a Teacher, she had worked with her board of education and the Ministry of Ontario Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat Student Work Study Initiative Teacher and Researcher for six years. Susan’s passion and commitment to sharing her understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach inspires her investment in learning relationships with educators and parents around the world.

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