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A Return To Simple Living: Childhood Reimagined

Why the importance of slowing down is crucial to nurturing a simple way of life that your children will embrace.

It’s no secret that children today are bombarded with stimuli, perhaps the most of any generation yet. It’s no wonder many children struggle with short attention spans, a feeling of disinterest, and boredom. Their brains are bombarded with much information and stimuli on a daily basis. Minute-by-minute they face information overload, external distractions, noise, and over-stimulation. They struggle to concentrate effectively and struggle to find freedom from what sometimes feels confusing and overwhelming.

Empowering children with opportunities to learn how to slow things down allows them to encounter, manage, and absorb the world in ways that align with a sense of calm and help them feel comfortable enough that their brains can properly handle everyday moments.

Teaching children how to handle the experiences of the world around them in ways that are not rushed or expectant of a particular pace or outcome helps them to learn to nurture in themselves a sense of calm while setting their own pace of simple living. Through this, children learn awareness about their own needs in relation to the world. They become proficient at listening and responding to their own needs while developing critical self-regulation skills and strategies to use when feelings of disequilibrium, anxiety, and stress emerge.

For young children, the joy of simple living that embraces play and a sense of adventure alongside others becomes much easier when they are not subconsciously waiting for the unfolding of the next event or cycle of fast-paced stimuli or expectation to present itself. Simple living invites children to develop the essential foundational building blocks and skills to become healthy, happy individuals.

With a backpack of knowledge and strategies, our little ones will serve the world in ways that invite them to share their understandings of the seven pillars of well-nurtured children, making the world a much better place.

Empowering children with a simple life invites them to develop at their own pace, as not every child will learn at the same pace, nor will they learn in the exact same way.

Slowing things down truly is a gift not just for ourselves but is an empowering gift for your child too.

Simple living empowers children to hold the space that is necessary for meaningful connections to everyday play and joyful living. In its basic form, simple living invites children to develop a connection to a way of being that aligns with their most authentic selves. It helps foster a sense of purpose in life by providing opportunities for them to discover their own interests, hobbies, and pathways of wonder at a pace that suits their personal needs.

Connecting through meaningful and purposeful ways of being, children develop a positive sense of identity, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love. They see themselves emerge and grow in ways that feel aligned with their authentic sense of who they are as human beings. When life is simple, children come to know themselves in a place of calm, along a pathway of wellness that invites them to explore the beautiful moments and encounters along the way. Their growth emerges in direct relation to the peaceful journey they share with themselves, others, and the world around them. With an ever-emerging sense of who they are as human beings, our children create their own pathways to simple living.

From a world racing to get more hours out of the day and fitting everything possible into our day using the latest apps, time management tools, and efficiency hacks to fill our calendars, the global pandemic brought us face-to-face with the polar opposite of everything we knew. We stood in disbelief, fearing the worst, and desperately reaching for the Calm App as our saving grace in a new world that left many of us paralyzed with fear. 

As a global community, we were forced to put the brakes on our busy lives, drop the mountainous to-do lists, and in some cases, trust others to take care of us and our loved ones. Specifically, we relied on others to do the things we would normally do for ourselves. For some of us, we had to rely on others to look in on and take care of our families when we couldn’t be at home ourselves. No matter how much we wanted things to be what they once were, so much in our lives changed in what felt like a New York minute. 


Prior to the global pandemic and before the ongoing lockdowns, many of us were, without a shadow of a doubt, running at speeds of a hundred miles an hour, trying to fit everything in and make everything work seamlessly. Arguably, most of us failed.

The trade-off came at great costs, many of which were unknown to us at the time or simply swept under the carpet as we continued to keep up with schedules and expectations we felt were somehow reflective of our value and our success. We attempted many great feats of accomplishment but sacrificed much trying to get there. Inevitably, we have discovered that in doing this, we lost on many levels: lost time; lost moments; lost ourselves; lost our children. Of all of these things to go, one of the first was our commitment to embracing time with those who mattered most.

Having shared a great moment of global enlightenment, we realize now that a commitment to simple living is a perfect pathway to nurture children’s well-being. The time we take to engage in connected relationships with our children brings out the best in one another; we open the door to a more meaningful and purposeful existence.

Taking time to share moments of conversation, play, and exploration with our children, while choosing to listen and respond with intention and undivided attention helps us nourish the well-being of our children and ourselves. When we take time to observe our children in their play, share moments of wonder along the way, and open the doors to continued explorations in life, we end up naturally slowing things down. We create a more peaceful way of life and a greater connection to a sense of calm.


As we continue to ponder how best to bring moments of joy to our lives alongside our children, we invite you to explore the simple things in life. Perhaps time in the kitchen baking a favourite recipe from your family collection is something you might share together with your children. Maybe your great-grandmother’s letterbox might inspire you and your children to create hand-written notes you might tuck under the pillow of your family members, mail to your friends, or deliver to your neighbours. How about a day of watercolour painting as a way for children and yourself to capture the beauty of the view from your window or your yard?

By offering such simple things without the chaos of an over-booked calendar and creating an uncluttered space where you and your child can enjoy these moments of peace, you make space for play. This warm, cozy, and calm space make room for endless memories to unfold, creativity to emerge, and explorations to unfold. Inviting children to experience explorations in environments that are intentionally created with materials intentionally offered invites joy into your place of simple living. Such gifts will help shape the childhood your children experience. These are the things memories are made from, and they will remain with your children all the days of their lives.

With all the benefits that can come from simple living, even if we slow everything down just a little, we know that the quality time we share with our children is priceless. It will remain with them for the entirety of their lives. Everything you do together, and every moment you can share together matters now and into the future. Through shared moments, we nurture the whole being of our children and the relationships they share with us as their parents and their educators.

We hold hope for the world by fostering growth and love in the hearts, minds, and souls of each of our children. For it is through meaningful connections and loving relationships that children align with their own sense of belonging and purpose on this Earth. Like any living thing that we grow and nurture, time, intention, and love make a difference to its health and well-being; in the case of our children, nothing could be further from the truth.


As always, I welcome you to share something that you do in your own life to encourage simple living and well-being with your children. In what ways do you see the benefits of simple living emerging through children as you nurture their well-being? How does simple living help you become more present with your children? In what ways are you able to live more simply with your children? Your ideas are important and they bring new ideas and perspectives to our community. Please share in the comment section below. The world needs your voice. Now is your chance to share it!


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