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Why We’re Inspired to Do What We Do

Inspiration is empowering. It arrives often unexpected and ignites greatness from within. Through our engagements with people, materials, spaces, relationships, and experiences, inspiration thrives. Human connection sparks curiosity, wonder, and ideas. 

We create emotional and intellectual sparks that ignite a passion for more learning that foster conditions for success among ourselves, our children, our families, and our communities. As parents, homeschoolers, child and youth workers, early childhood educators, educational assistants, teachers, and educational leaders, we are all rich in potential, capable, competent, and full of life, love and passion for learning, enriching our minds impacts our work with children. 

We are a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that matters to children, to families, and our communities. By wondering, asking questions, and being open-to-learning, we provoke curiosity, new thinking, and innovation in the world. Together, our dialogue creates the foundations for greatness and the opportunity to enhance the learning journey of ourselves, our children, their families, and the world!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Invest in yourself. Be the difference you’re meant to be!

 You’re Not Alone ~ A Message from Our Founder

lI see you and hear you. I’ve been you! As the Founder of Innovation to Learn and the creator of our e-book library designed for parents and educators, I’m sharing with you over 25 years of educational expertise. 

Starting my career as a educational volunteer, and working toward becoming an educational assistant, I extended that learning with two undergraduate degrees, several specialist qualifications, and course work toward a Master of Education degree. Having had the opportunity to work as a teacher serving children and families in three boards of education, serving as research lead-teacher studying student thinking and learning with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, and studying early years learning in Reggio Emilia, Italy, I’m here to share with you all that I have learned and all that I continue to learn today.

It’s not easy to figure out how  to support children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development. It is overwhelming  to set up enriched learning spaces, to discover strategies that match children’s unique learning styles, and to find resources that are useful and practical. Tuition fees can add up as you try to keep up with an ever-changing educational landscape as well as connect to an extended education community who aligns with your on teaching beliefs and values. 

And this is why Nurtured Inspirations is here for you! We offer a wide variety of online learning resources, ecourses, econferences and an excited and passionate online learning community and we’re ready to welcome you with open arms! I invite you to discover our e-books and continue your learning journey with us as our educational collection continues to grow!

Meet Susan

Nurtured Inspirations is the newest inspirational collective in education. Our website is created for educators and parents who guide, nurture, inspire, and learn alongside children. It is through a common philosophy that we embrace and honour children as competent, capable, and full of possibilities and seek ways to empower children to connect meaningfully to their most authentic and purposeful selves.

Founded by Susan Wright, a seasoned teacher with more than 32 years in education, this company was built from her heart as a way to support, inspire, and empower children, parents, and educators. Susan believes that through our encounters with children we create something bigger than ourselves. As a way to support parents and educators, Nurtured Inspirations was created to provide unique ways to enhance children’s development and

holistic well-being. We’ve created many unique, practical, and easy-to-use resources that parents and educators can use in day-to-day interactions with children both at home, and in traditional and non-traditional school learning environments.

Our resources will help parents and educators to create and enhance rich learning environments that support well-nurtured children while provoking the curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking of children. The Nurtured Inspirations Collection is pleased to share our collection with you. Our resources include:


  • Downloadable eBooks and Guides
  • Monthly Blog Posts
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Courses and Certificate Programs
  • Conferences and Certificate Programs
  • Collaborations, Training and Mentorship for Educator Teams
  • Keynote and Guest Speaking Availability

We look forward to sharing this learning journey with you!

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