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We help parents, homeschoolers, and educators nurture, guide and inspire children


Our Courses and Symposia weave together theory and practice in ways that are actionable, inviting you to build connections to your philosophy of life, learning, and education. Discover ways to weave new perspectives and ideas into your encounters and relationships with children. We look forward to sharing a rich and engaging journey of learning with you!


The Nature of

Discover the core of being human, sharing relationships, and nurturing children to develop their own sense of identity, self-worth, and well-being. Consider how our connections and view of the child helps to nurture the whole being and wellness of all children.

Seven Pillars of Children

Support children as they learn to embrace their inner compass, connect with their holistic selves, and find meaning and purpose in their life. Discover how The Seven Pillars of Well-Nurtured Children nourishes the wholeness of every human being.

Our Nurture eCourse Bundle

We’ve put together one of our most popular value pack bundles as a way to support your everyday encounters with children in the early years. We’ve included two of our eCourses, The Nature of Nurture and The Seven Pillars of Well-Nurtured Children.

Diving into Documentation

Discover the power of capturing children’s voices. Consider pedagogical documentation as you explore relationships, the pedagogy of listening, co-research, making children’s thinking visible, dialogue, reflection, and documentation from the field.

Arts, Creativity, and Nature

Explore the endless ways you can inspire children’s artistic creativity through nature with our eCourse, Outdoor Learning and the Creative Journey of Children within the Arts. Discover engaging, and open-ended ideas you can bring to your children.

Pedagogical Documentation

Enhance your understanding of pedagogical documentation with multi-published author and teacher educator, Susan Stacey. Explore documentation as a way of being for research, learning, and a tool for making intentional choices to support children.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia

Gain insights into one educator’s journey of reflection about her Indigenous culture as it relates to The Reggio Emilia Approach. Listen as she shares her own interpretations, reflections, and perspectives about the connections she’s experienced.


Engage your creative heart with the gifts of nature. Discover the creative explorations of outdoor learning and the arts. Explore ideas that you can take back to the outdoor learning space you share with children either at school or at home. Get ready to be inspired!

In the Works

We’ve got something exciting in the works. Stay tuned for more details to follow. We can’t wait to share what’s happening next. We’re hard at work getting it all set for you and we’ll share something new here. We’re excited to be sharing this engaging learning journey with you!


The Nature Symposium

The Elements of Nature: Inspiring Children’s Creativity and Wonder brings to you rich and reflective ideas and perspectives of the endless possibilities that nature has to offer. Explore ways to enhance and nourish encounters with young children.


Our eight educational thought-leaders will inspire you with reflections and insights inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. Explore brain research, the arts, the language of food, and more as you discover ways to enhance children’s experiences.


In the Works

We’ve got something in the works. Stay tuned for more details to follow.