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Bringing a Reggio Emilia Inspired Philosophy to Children

The Affordances of Relationships, Materials, and Encounters in the Early Years 

Nurtured Inspirations is proud to offer the first Canadian International Reggio Emilia Inspired Early Childhood Education eConference with a focus on global sharing and pedagogical connections. Our conference offers deep thinking from renowned educational thought leaders in Early Childhood Education. Currently engaged in practise, research, and encounters with children, families, and educators, our presenters will bring to you rich ideas to inspire you and provoke you. Their experiences, perspectives, and insights will engage you in thoughtful consideration of your own pedagogical beliefs, your image of the child, and the ways of being that each of us bring to our encounters with one another. Our presenters will challenge you to consider the affordances of relationships, materials, and encounters in the Early Years. 

Designed for those who guide, nurture, and inspire children home, school, and early childcare settings. Through explorations of encounters with children in both indoor and outdoor environments, our panel of presenters will inspire you with their pedagogical reflections connected to the diverse contexts in which they share their learning journeys with children, families, and educators. We welcome you to join this incredibly rich journey of learning with others from around the world.

Hear from Renowned Speakers!

  • Dr. Jean Clinton ~ How Reggio Emilia Has Inspired a Child Psychiatrist and Her Practise as a Knowledge Translator:  Thoughts and Perspectives to Enrich Educators’ Daily Encounters with Children
  • Susan Stacey ~ Pedagogical Documentation as a Decision-Making Tool
  • Joanne Babalis ~ An Introduction to Educational Photography: The Rare Moments of Learning that Have the Power to Teach Us
  • Michelle van Heugten ~ Outdoor Learning and the Creative Journey of Children within the Arts
  • Rosalba Bortolotti ~ The Atelier of Taste
  • Michelle Taylor-Leonhardi ~ My Journey into My Traditional Culture Through Reggio Inspired Philosophy
  • Kathy Boelsma ~ Creativity in the Everydayness of Living   
  • Susan Wright ~ The Nature of Nurture

Here’s What’s Inside! 

  • Gain priceless insights from the experiences of our panel of renowned presenters
  • Learn from pedagogical leaders who’ve studied in the schools of Reggio Emilia
  • Read thoughtfully inspiring quotes in graphic form by each of our presenters
  • Discover practical and actionable sparks of inspiration from educators’ interactions with children 
  • Learn new ideas to immediately implement into your learning alongside children
  • Gain inspiration for enriching your own encounters with children
  • Engage reflectively throughout the eConference presentations 
  • Receive eight thought-provoking and practical downloadable guides, one for each of our presenters, designed to inspire deeper reflection, and even more meaningful and intentional pedagogical rich thinking
  • Invest in your own learning from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you
  • Nurture your desire for learning, embrace new thinking, and honour yourself as the dedicated, passionate, and inspiring educator that you are 

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We Hear You and We’re Here For You!

Do you believe in the image of the child as competent, capable, and full of possibility?

Do you guide, nurture & inspire children through co-constructed encounters in learning? 

Do your pedagogical paradigms go well-beyond the four walls of a classroom?

Are there times when you feel uninspired because of the more linear and structured thinking happening all around you? 

Do wish you had a network of people with whom to share ideas and become inspired?

Do you feel a disconnect between the ‘curriculum’ and what your heart tells you to do as it relates to how you guide, nurture, and inspire children?

Do you spend endless hours on social media seeking ideas, insight, and inspiration to bring to children with whom you engage in learning?

Do you sometimes feel disheartened by some of the ‘standardized’ practices you see in early years learning with children? 

Do you wish for rich professional development at a fraction of the cost for a 2 ½ day conference? 

Do you seek professional development minus the costs, time, and inconvenience it takes to travel to learning conferences? 

Would you love to engage, in the comfort of your own home, with some of the most renowned, highly experienced, and educated pedagogical leaders inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach? 

Would you love to receive credit for the hours you spend engaging in professional learning and development and receive a Certificate of Completion for those hours? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, we know exactly how you’re feeling and what you’re going through! We’ve been there too. We’ve felt all the things you have and then some! The good news is we’re here for YOU and we’ve got this eConference that’s designed to move you beyond all those challenges and fill your heart with passion once again! 

We’ve gathered eight of the most inspiring and heart-driven pedagogical leaders and created this eConference for you!  It’s carefully curated and designed to bring sparks of inspiration to your everyday journey alongside children. We’re thrilled you’re here and we can’t wait to share our hearts, minds, and spirits with you! 

Kind Words from Others

Susan, listening to you made my heart and mind full and excited! You put all the pieces together. You’ve pushed our educators and we are excited to dive in and embrace new ways of thinking and knowing.


Kind Words from Others

Susan dives deep into academic and pragmatic discourse with educators about how to let student work drive pedagogy. Susan works with educators to connect ever-evolving theory into practice with the ultimate goal of improved student success.


Kind Words from Others

Susan advocates for the rights of children to have authentic, engaging and high-quality learning experiences. Her knowledge of current educational philosophies and the Reggio Emilia approach to education is made visible in her deeply reflective dialogue, blog posts and through her online sessions.


Kind Words from Others

Susan has ignited change among us, has empowered our community of learners, and continues to support our efforts to have a deeper understanding of the Reggio Emilia Approach.


Kind Words from Others

Susan’s collaborative leadership style and deep educational knowledge allows her to find solutions to the most complex educational challenges. She is extremely skilled at connecting with those around her, inspiring them to try new strategies and to reflect on their instructional practice.


Kind Words from Others

Susan is deeply committed to learning. Educators can often feel isolated as they interact with students daily in their classrooms. Susan is committed to removing the isolation that naturally exists and provides educators with a safe, exhilarating space to collaborate and innovate with their peers.


Kind Words from Others

It is not often that you encounter a kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable educator that is filled with tremendous love and respect towards children, families and educators. It is evident that her expertise in all areas of early childhood education including, play, inquiry-based learning, making children’s learning visible, has made her an exemplary knowledgeable leader in Early Childhood Education.


Kind Words from Others

I was absolutely blown away at her approach and how supportive and engaging she was with both students and parents. She has created is an inviting, calming and creative setting.


Kind Words from Others

Susan has inspired a spirit of curiosity, wonder, and confidence in our children by encouraging them to find learning opportunities all around them and helping them to feel that their thoughts are meaningful and important. She truly puts her heart into fostering a love of learning in children.


Kind Words from Others

Susan is an outstanding educator! Working along side her, I was able to observe children exploring and learning with wonder and excitement as she facilitated the most enriching learning experiences for the entire group. Susan connects meaningfully with each of her children. As an educator, I want all of the children that come into my learning space to feel the way that Susan makes her students feel! 


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