Hearts wide open


Over the past couple of years the world has faced its fair share of challenges. Eye-opening and full of reminders to tend to one another, the Earth, and ourselves, we’ve come to know a different time in our lives. Stories of difficulty have filled our ears and eyes as we’ve stood witness to an ever-changing human experience.

At the same time, if you’ve noticed what we’ve noticed, the world and all of its people have shone like never before. We’ve emerged in many ways to empower one another to uncover and reunite with the best ways of being that humanity has to offer. We’ve come to wonder and question in ways that have helped us be more aware, reflective, and intentional.


We’ve softened, slowed down, and paid attention just a little bit more. It’s never perfect but it doesn’t have to be. The point is, we’re evolving. We’ve started a journey of healing. We’ve come together to care for one another in so many ways from listening, to creating, talking, crying, consoling, sharing music, dancing, connecting virtually, and now for some, gathering together in person again. We’ve walked along this journey with a new sense of understanding, compassion, empathy, and love.

As we round out the corner of our next turn along the pathway of life, we wonder what will come our way. We think intentionally about how we might respond. We are mindful of the blessings we have. We are more appreciative of the gifts that continue to come our way. What we’ve come to realize is that no matter what happens, if we live our lives with hearts wide open, the universe envelops us with goodness. It fills us with feelings of joy, gratitude, and love.


Far from simple, and deeply entangled in the complexity of what it means to be human, we embrace our moments collectively and in the solitude of our quiet time alone. We hold a spark of hope in our hearts for the possibilities of humankind. For it is the hope of humanity that brings us together along our journey as people striving to connect with our greatest sense of stewardship for the Earth and one another. We must remember that as human beings, we are stewards of the Earth as much as we are stewards of the hearts and spirits of ourselves and one another.


Is there a memorable moment, a special experience, or a collective of events that has brought you to a more open heart over these past two years? We’d love to hear your story. For it is through the stories of our hearts, we come to know ourselves and others with a greater sense of empathy and kindness. In sharing, we bring ourselves together with one another just that little bit more. We invite you to connect with us in the comments below.


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