Mentorship Series

We’ve designed our Mentorship Series to meet the specific needs of you, your team, or your entire school. Working alongside educators, administrative leaders, and directors, our Mentorship Series is tailor-made to meet you and your team where you are along your journey of learning alongside children and families. 

After an in-depth conversation together, we’ll begin to build out an on-going plan to get you and your team started along a journey of exploration, discovery, and learning.

 We’ll guide you every step of the way with live virtual and/or in-person sessions, training workshops, and learning sessions that build capacity among your team. 

We’ll work with you as we co-construct learning pathways that impact relationships with children and families.  We’ll support you and your team in becoming the best version of themselves as you collaboratively guide, nurture, and inspire children. 

We look forward to working alongside you as intellectual partners to help you deepen your understanding and practices in your unique learning environment. 

We offer many options to suit all budgets and timelines

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