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CHOOSE KIND WORDS ~ Everyday Well-Being Compass Cards

CHOOSE KIND WORDS ~ Everyday Well-Being Compass Cards

As earth-loving people, we are proud to offer this as a digital product.


7 Compass Cards to Guide You
Bonus: A Reflection Journal for Children

Choose kind words more intentionally as you engage in these small and simple practices with children.

When we empower children to understand the impact their words have on others, we empower a hope for a better world.

As children grow in and through their relationships with others, they begin to make sense of themselves through those around them.

As a way of expressing their feelings, thinking, and reflections on their experiences, children say what comes to mind.

Honouring children in ways that welcome them to engage in thoughtful, honest, and open dialogue about their encounters with others, empowers them to become more self aware of the impact their words and actions have on others.

7 Compass Cards for Everyday Well-Being

For each of the 7 Pillars of Well-Nurtured children, practice:

  • Why It Matters
  • A Situation to Consider
  • Questions to Ponder
  • Kind Words
  • Affirmations


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