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Nurture Calm at Bedtime

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Nurture Calm at Bedtime

The Nature of Nurture is about being human, sharing relationships, and discovering what it means to raise well-nurtured children. It is about supporting children as they embrace their own sense of identity, self-worth, agency and well-being.

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Why Does Nurture Calm at Bedtime Matter?

In moments before sleep comes the awakening of the Soul. 

Far too often we experience a need for calm when children are in high-energy, sensory settings.

Sometimes near bedtime, children’s attentional needs seem to increase.

Perhaps they are anticipating that they will be temporarily separated from their parents.

We know that helping children to find a way to say goodnight without saying goodbye, helps them get the rest they need.

A well-rested child is one in-tune with their own circadian rhythm, and finds themselves able to be fully present for the coming day.

Compass Cards to Nurture Calm at Bedtime

Our Nurture Calm Compass Cards are designed to support you to take action alongside your child to connect to a more balanced and calm way of being.

  • When we nurture each of the seven pillars of children their whole being becomes nourished.
  • Our Nurture Calm Compass Cards are designed to guide you as you nurture children to become more mindful and meaningfully connected to the world around them.
  • As children grow alongside you, we invite you to invest in shared conversations and encounters that deepen your relationship and understanding of what it means to nurture calm in everyday life.

Here’s what’s inside…

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