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Here’s What People Are Saying…

“Susan, as an early childhood educator for over 25 years now,
you remind me of my WHY."

Tania Peterson

Teacher & Atelier Lead

“Susan understands the magical truth within a child and the authentic way
they show up to learn, ready to co-create without expectations."

Jill Schroeder

Mom & Former Teacher

“Susan works with educators to connect ever-evolving theory into practice
with the ultimate goal of improved student success."

Linda Fullerton

Mom, Teacher

“Susan, listening to you made my heart and mind full and excited!
You put all the pieces together."

Jaime Plaunt

Kindergarten Facilitator

“I love your mentor reflection journals and eBooks. As with everything you do, say, and emulate, they show
the importance you place on children and educators."

Tania Peterson

Teacher and Atelier Lead

“Susan is committed to removing the isolation that naturally exists and provides educators with a safe,
exhilarating space to collaborate and
innovate with their peers."

Shannon Milson

Mom & Kindergarten Teacher

“She understands adult educators on different levels, respects their current practice, beliefs, culture, and
celebrates their everyday discoveries."

Paola A. Lopez

Mom & Founder, CEO

“I want all children to feel the way Susan makes children feel. Susan truly models exemplary leadership connecting with children."

Jessica Leyland

Mom & Teacher

“Susan takes a holistic approach to building not only educational fortitude but she also helps support a confident, healthy child through her educational philosophy."

Jane Butler

Mom & (former) Teacher

“Susan inspired my journey. She presents ideas in a reflective way, offering participants the chance to share and learn from one another."

Dianne Archer

Mom, RECE, Grandparent

“Susan’s collaborative leadership style and deep educational knowledge allows
her to find solutions to the most complex educational challenges."

Chantale Miron

Kindergarten & Primary Teacher

“Susan advocates for the rights of children to have authentic, engaging and high quality play experiences. Her work alongside parents and families brings light and joy into the lives of children."

Michelle van Heugten

Mama, Teacher, B.Ed, BFA Honours

“Susan provides an unwavering amount of support for educators.
As a mentor to me, I could not ask for much more."

Abby McEachern

Mama & Teacher


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